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So now I have about 40 guppies roughly Their about I think lol 3 months old they have their color but their still small their father was a endler guppy something like that and he was quite small so that partly why their so small for their age.

I seperated the males from the females just to get the breeding under control

Right now I have around 18/20 male guppies in a five gallon (I am going to move some to my twenty gallon) and around 20/25 females in a ten gallon

Some are for sale if interested (send me a message in private I live in Alexandria VA)

So thats how my guppies are doing the colors I have are yellow and red with some endler colors and spots

There fed live baby brine shrimp and Omega fish food (I forgot the full title lol) and these things called tank nibblers I feed them both meat tank nibblers and vegy nibblers lol nible

I only have one of the moms left they others died from old age:’( and Im not breeding her shes too old

Anyway what colors for new guppies should I get or what king of guppies im planing on starting a new line And im thinking dark colors because my other line is bright color have any ideas?

So... what do you think? Please leave me a comment or give me a

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