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After doing some research on Goldfish, I have decided to make a help guide video for people out there that had the same questions I did when I had a goldfish. Some of my first issues that came up included, What temp did the water have to be for my new fish? What food could I and should I feed my goldfish? I had no idea that I could feed my goldfish chunks of fruits and vegetables and I also had no idea of over feeding them could kill them.

I learned that over feeding fish is one of the four most common fish killers. I must admit that I was a beginner and it was good that I did a bit of research before just jumping into taking care of the fish. The Goldfish (Cleo) is still alive today and loves every second of his life it seems. You can check out more videos on my channel. The videos are of my aquarium related stuff and I really love this stuff. Within a couple of months I have become totally addicted to this lifestyle.

So... what do you think? Please leave me a comment or give me a


  • Sigi: Thank you for the tips. Hope you let us know if he liked fruits as well :)
  • johnarthur: You make some good points.
  • Cynthia: Hi Chris! Love your vid and also your Betta sorority!

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