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I have a pair of blood parrots that continue to produce eggs every few weeks and then eat them. I have read thru the site and other websites that the male blood parrot is sterile.

Can I use another fish to breed her with? If so what types so I use?


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Blood parrot cichlids are laboratory created hybrids of unspecified origin, and hybrids are often but not always infertile. Fertile eggs remain translucent, and infertile ones quickly grow an opaque white fungus.

If you have a fertile pair, they will need their own spawning tank. Cichlids spawning in a community aquarium eat their own eggs or fry to keep them away from predators.

Some people have had luck spawning a female parrot cichlid with a non-hybrid male cichlid. However, the resulting fry may look nothing like either parent.

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Thanks for the gouge! It will be a while because I have to get the male large enough to get eaten and think it might be fun to try to raise the fry

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