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Story Of Survival

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I had a 45 gl aquarium for about 4 years. My tank was stocked with 1 15 yr old pleco I got from a neighbor that was keeping him in a small aquarium in the garage and wanted a better home for him. So I took him in also a foot long Goldfish I got when I first started my tank 4 yrs ago. In addition I had 3 Clown Loaches that had grown to about 6-7 in. they were awesome and a few Tetras. I wanted to give my fish a better home so I went out and purchased a new 90gl aquarium with everything sand ,gravel ,decor , and a new filter system. I asked lots of questions and even asked if I should have their maintenance guy come out set it up and move the fish since I was worried about their safety. I was assured it was really easy and would have no problem. They explained everything I should do and it would be all good.

I came home and put all their good advice to work.

The next day all my Clown Loaches were gone to my dismay. Now at this point I thought it was something I used to condition the water. I started doing water changes like mad and thought I had it all good. I left on vacation for a few days came home and tested water. Ohh boy was it bad High Nitrites and Ammonia. At this point I joined MAC with the help of several members (a couple in particular) I got it figured out. But not before My Giant Pleco died and my Goldfish (MR GOLD) got really sick.

Now to the part about survival

Mr Gold was in a very bad way. I watched him for hours laying on the bottom all curled in half. I couldn’t stand it anymore so I started looking up how to euthanize a fish I mean he was just barely breathing and was in obvious pain. So I went to several stores and could not find what I was looking for. Heartbroken I went home. Well when I got there Pleco was gone and Gold was no better so I took pleco out wrapped him in newspaper put Gold in a 5 gl bucket with clean water and a bubble stone I was still holding on to hope but knew he had to get out of that aquarium. I went outside dug a hole put Pleco in and went to check on Gold. I couldn’t believe it he was uncurled and looking a little better. Knowing he couldn’t stay in a bucket I moved him to an ice chest. He stayed there over night and the next day I refilled my old 45gl aquarium that had been empty and dry for a month. I had washed everything so there was none of the good Bacteria left. I put in Stability, Water conditioner and Mr Gold hoping for the best.

It has been 2 weeks and he is doing great all the red fins have healed and he is back to almost normal. However I do wonder if he can see very well I followed the directions on the Stability for a new tank setup and it worked in this instance (I am not doing an add for it). The Tank has cycled with no giant spikes. I have done lots of water changes sometimes 2 a day when the testing called for it and all is good now.

I just had to share this with all of you. We have all had sad stories. I thought this could be inspirational

Thank You all Caroline

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