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I am going to have 2 Redbreast smiling cichlids (1m 1f) and I was hoping to have a school of tetras (or something else like that) . I've been reading up on them and I've heard that they are compatible with tetras. Any suggestions?

Edit: these are going into a 30 gallon

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Acaras in general, are peaceful for cichlids. The only time they should display any aggression is during spawning. They will choose a rock for the eggs and will defend it. Therefore, some top dwellers would probably be okay, but you will need to watch carefully.

Since the Smiling cichlids hail from South america, specifically Brazil I think, try and choose some South American species of tetras. Silver tip tetras I believe are from a similar region. Other choices could include cardinal, black neon, lemon, penguin, diamond or black phantom tetras.

Some von rio tetras would look really nice with those cichlids! They are also from Brazil.

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Shorter finned tetras would work well, I would avoid cardinals or anything similar sized. There isn't much room for tankmates though in just a 30g

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