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So about 8 months ago my Husband I decided to set up a tank and get some African Cichlids to put in it, we thought our 2 year old son would enjoy it. We were just going to have a little 20 gallon tank with a couple of fish as a Hobby, Once my Husband and I got to the Fish Store and started discussing our plans with our new Fish Professional we gradually started going towards bigger tanks, by the time we left we had purchased a 75 gallon tank and all the necessities as well as add ons to go with it. We went home and started the process of the tank set up, which was much more in depth than I had originally thought it would be but anyhow before long we had our tank set up and cycling getting ready for the arrival of our new pets. A few days later we went back to the Fish Store to get our started fish, which were Danios and get everything prepared for our main attraction. Finally after a couple of weeks with the Danios we had our water tested and everything was ready for our Cichlid additions. We eagerly went and pick out our beautiful Cichlids and started our new fish family, of course at the start we had some casualties, but overall our experience was great, it seems like our fish were meant to be together and have lived in harmony ever since. It has been amazing to watch them grow and have their colors change. Recently I noticed that some of them were acting kind of strange so I started watching them closer and realized that the males were moving rocks and trying to mate with the females. So far I have 2 holding females in a breeding tank, separated of course, and I believe that I have another pair mating as well. I now find myself constantly at the breeding tank impatiently watching for them to release their fry. It’s funny how something that started small and was suppose to be for my sons enjoyment turned into to so much more than a hobby, its an obsession! I can’t wait to start the next process of caring for the fry as well as more breeding!! Its an amazing thing to be able to be a part of. I really do enjoy it and wish I would have discover my passion for this years ago. Anyhow that’s my story for now but I will update when the fry arrives!! Thanks for listening.

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