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So you know that vicious pleco-eating monster of an oscar I have?

The one that’s eaten EVERYTHING I’ve put in my tank except one lucky catfish?

And you know those two snails I put in the tank Saturday hoping they could solve my algae problem..?

THEY’RE ALIVE!!!!!!!! (insert triumphant trumpet sound here)

I named the Gold Inca Snail Gloria. She’s the hardest to find because she terrified after being attacked that one time by my oscar.


This is my Black Mystery Snail Cruiser, who’s missing most of the day but really gets around at night.


Today, I bought two new snails. I meant to only get one other Gold Inca and maybe a Striped Nerite Snail but they were out of them, so the guy gave me two Gold Incas. I already had a name for one: Dingo. My Mom named the other: Bubbles.




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