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So, it all started when I got a 20g tank then I got what they call MTS. Now MTS is a wallet crippling, pocket and bank account draining disease. But, good researching and some time and elbow grease you could turn a horrible looking acrylic tank(like the one below) and flip it around to a beautiful crystal clear tank.

All you need(depending on how deep scratches are) is:

1) a palm sander.

2) 2000grit sand paper.

3) 1000grit sand paper.

4) dish detergent(only a few drops) mixed with water in a sprayer.

5) microfiber towels.(atleast 5)

6) polishing ball.

7) power drill.

8) meguiars plastx

9) some free time.

Okay, so first wipe down the inside and outide to remove dust. Now, ill give you step by step instructions.

1) Spray the Acrylic with the detergent/water mix, be generous.

2) Go over entire inside with the 1000grit sandpaper first.(dont force or push, just let it slide, and if it feels like its sticking add a lil more mix)

3) After that, wipe down the entire inside with a microfiber towel.

4) Then go over it with the 2000grit sandpaper.

5) Again wipe down with a different microfiber towel.

6) Start polishing!

7) Then wipe down the inside again, and WALA!

Of course you may have a different expiernce if you have deep scratches, but those(up to a point) should not be remove due to it could cripple the tank and cause it to catastrophically implode(break and unleash all water into your house)

ended up buying a stand, and here’s the set up now! It all came together pretty nicely!

So... what do you think? Please leave me a comment or give me a


  • johnarthur: Those are some interesting ideas. Do you think it would work on glass?
    I’ve built several aquarium stands with two by four lumber, which costs considerably less than four by four lumber. Here’s one method:
  • Joe_450: I’ve read that post and my dad and I thought about using 4×4 lumber and plywood and lag bolting 3/4" plywood all the way around but for now I don’t really know what I wana do for a stand yet... And I know that the plexi or acrylic is softer then glass. But, I have seen stuff at pep boys or auto zone for removing scratches out of windshields, so I’m sure you could a way to do it. Maybe with a finer grit sand paper or a rougher grit. I’m not a professional at working on glass or plexi, I usually work with wood and metal.

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