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I removed the peacock and a pleco from the tank. I also removed a bogpeat substrate I had under the gravel. I mixed sand with some of the stone and replaced it. More sand on top and replaced the rocks/caves.

No eggs have been laid since the tank overhaul. I was told the males have color on tales top to bottom on tip and females pales out half way down. Both pale out half way. Now the questions:

Will females lay eggs without a male present? (If they are both female)
Will two females share in the egg fanning process? Will two female defend the "selected area/rock" together???? Is it a young inexperienced pair since eggs are getting lain? Here are the photos if I did this right.

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Hi and welcome to the forum,

I've never heard of two jewel cichlid females doing this, but I have had two female disus that did this (many years ago now), so I guess it is possible.

My discus did protect and fan the eggs, but the eggs became infected with fungus very quickly and I removed them.
This is how you will know if they are a pair or not. If the eggs are fertile then you have 1 male and 1 female, if they are infertile then they are possibly two females or a pair that haven't got it right yet (inexperienced).
If the eggs are infertile then they will go white and develope fungus/fuzz. If they are fertile they will stay yellowish and semi-trasparent (translucent) and you will be able to see the fry develope.

Young fish are obviously the most inexperienced in these matters and at this stage males aren't as easy to identify. If you can post a pis of eah fish side-on and showing the fins erect then I'll see I I think I can determine their gender for you!!

Good luck and welcome again.

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Thanks. I think it may be a while before they let me take pictures of them. They are hiding under the rocks now and I think I see eggs through the slit of the cave.

They duck each time I enter the room now. I guess I will have to wait it out a bit before I try to take pictures again.

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