My single pair of Mystery Snails are still laying eggs. New clutches are going in the freezer as soon as I find them. I let 2 clutches hatch. One about 5 days after the other. Just wanted to update with some photo’s of the offspring.

All babies look Ivory with brown swirls!! These are about 3wks.

2012-08-14 i b6 003.JPG

3 wks

2012-08-14 i b7 016.JPG

2 different clutch hatches.

2012-08-16 i b new day 005.JPG

Kids with their dad!

2012-08-16 i b newday2 006.JPG

Thinking about it again....and again....and again!

2012-08-14 i b8 008.JPG

Just laid. In the freezer it goes!

2013-08-14 Recent clutch 003.JPG

So... what do you think? Please leave me a comment or give me a

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