very low ph!

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I have 2 (6 yr old)comet goldfish in a 30 gal tank. Recently, did 50% water change and checked ph level and level was(yellow) well below 6.2! This is apparently VERY low. One of the fish is looking to be having an adverse effect to this. He seems to be hovering around the top of the tank or at the bottom somewhat vertical with his head down. How can I get my ph level back to normal quickly before it's too late without harming the fish? I have always had water aeration and a couple of shells in the tank. Also, his bottom appears to be red. Any suggestions?

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Welcome to our forum. Sometimes, the pH will be low when the substrate has too much organic waste. Goldfish create quite a bit of waste, and that turns into ammonia and other nitrogen compounds which can eventually become acidic. Have you checked for ammonia and nitrite? Their presence would indicate a waste problem. If that's the case, do a partial water change (20 or 30 percent) every day until the problem clears. After that, weekly partial water changes will maintain a good balance. When you do the water change, syphon the gunk off the bottom, but leave some of the substrate untouched. That's where the good bacteria live, and you should avoid syphoning out all of them.

If fish and plant wastes are not the problem, something that produces acid may have been introduced into the aquarium. That "something" could include anything from materials not intended for aquarium use through chemicals that are intended for aquarium use, through things added by youngsters. Be very careful about using pH adjusting products, because a quick change in pH could harm the fish. Please let me know if any of these ideas helped.

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thank you for your response. I did syphon the gravel and there was a lot of waste, but I hope I left enough of the substrate. I did a test strip and the results are as follows:Nitrate-safe
Hardness-very hard
ph-acidic or below
nothing foreign has been added. Is it possible to get the tank TOO clean?

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No, you can't make it too clean, but you can kill all the good cooties. They're the bacteria that convert ammonia and nitrite into harmless plant food, and they live mostly in the substrate. You can syphon more than half of the substrate and not bother the good cooties.

Ammonia test kits usually have a test tube and a reagent chemical, and they are not included in the dip test things. The fact that you have any nitrite means the aquarium could have ammonia; both are toxic to fish. The partial water changes will help.

As I said before, goldfish create lots of ammonia, so it's important to keep their aquarium maintained.

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and at the same time when you change water also gives some medicine to your tank,that also helps your aquarium to be perfectly incecticides free..

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I just finished battleing a low ph and hi nitrate problem. the answer for me was daily 25% water change and new carbon. just water changes alone only temp raised the ph and the nitrate would come back in a few hours. it took less than a day with new carbon for both the problems to disappear.
when it comes to adding chemicals to the tank, ive never seen one that helped without first enduring fish loss. the only things i add to my tanks is aquarium salt and water conditioner. ive been doing that for a year now and the only fish i lost jumped out.

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never try to fix ph level immediately. ad ph up a little at a time. a good bacteria solution will solve a lot of problems. Never clean the whole tank and everything inside. The good bacteria take care of a lot.

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I think you just set a new record for digging up old questions. This one was 6 years old

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