What are the easiest fish to keep? Which tend to live a long...

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What are the easiest fish to keep? Which tend to live a long time??

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Tetras are great, they are an active fish so they are fun to watch and they produce little waste. I have several and my children love them, put a few ghost shrimp and some snails in with them and it should be pretty easy after that. They can live 5 to 10 years

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Ghee that's a good question!

All fish have their specific requirements and providing these will increase the chances of longevity, even neon tetras have been know to live 10years when well cared for.

The most obvious response to your question though is goldfish. A well cared for goldfish averages 25years (48yrs being the oldest on record).
Neons would be my second suggestion. Scissor tail rasboras can live 10 years too. Angelfish can live 10yrs , but are a little fussier than others. If you have the space oscars can also live a good ten years. There are a good number of VERY big fish that are <email> , like saratogas, eels, knifefish, but these need space.

How big is your tank and do you have any fish in mind?

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Gold fish are definitely a long lived fish if you have a big enough tank. I am hoping to set up a 55g+ for Celestial Goldfish after I move.

Neons are an easier fish to care for, though I did not know they could live so long.

I find guppies are a pretty hardy fish that are easy to care for, although I do not believe they live for more than a few years, I haven't had them long enough to be sure. They are also prolific breeders, so you would likely have plenty to share. You can also get different kinds of guppies, and while the common is often sold as feeders, I find them to be a pretty fish. I set up a small common guppy tank in my mother's shop and everyone loves it. People have even asked to buy some of the recent fry.

Corydora catfish are also easy to care for, and I believe to be pretty long lived; although, I rarely see mine as they, and the glass catfish, rarely come out from under their fake mangrove stump. Half the fish in that tank, and I hardly ever see them.

The other fish in that tank are Cardinal Tetras, and I know they are said to be sensative and a bit more difficult to care for, mine seem to be quite hardy and even when I had some problems in that tank that were killing the supposedly hardy fish, they were fine.

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Catfishes are really easy to keep especially bristlenose

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I'd say guppies are the easiest since they are non aggressive, easy to breed, pretty to look at, and don't grow very big

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It may depend on your tank size. if you have a 20-40 gallon tank 2-4 goldfishes are enough and they may live for about 25 years.
or in smaller tank you can keep guppies.
or if you have big tank you can keep koi also..........

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Thanks. My tank is a 29g. I have a few plates, some tetras, and a young silver angelfish. My last angel was nice and big and passed at only a few years old late last year.

I haven't had goldfish since I was a kid .

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Common goldfish need 55+gallons per fish and handicapped species like fantails need 30-55+gallons per fish.

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I know this is an old thread, but I would like to add a few things.

By no means am I trying to be offensive, but I would have to disagree with catfish, guppies, and goldfish for the following reasons:

Most species of pleco and catfish grow quite large and are not suitible for an average aquarium. A good alternative is a corydoras. They are a small, schooling fish that is great for cleaning the bottom of the tank.

Guppies have been brutally inbred and are terribly fragile. Most pet stores only care about looks and buy from breeders with the prettiest guppies. Most guppies dont even survive the trip home!

Also, fancy goldfish need close to 50 gallons, especially if you are housing more than one. Comets do best in 100 gallons and koi need a pond over 100 gallons! The "goldfish bowl" is a torture chamber for any fish and can result in stunting (body stops growing but the organs dont) and a horrible death.

Im my opinion the hardiest fish is probably the zebra danio. They are also schooling fish and can live between 3-5 years! I had a danio that we knew we couldnt save, but that sucker refused to give up! He still trudged around the tank as if nothing was wrong! They add so much life to a tank as they zip around!

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Thank you so much on the information on guppies, I have a 50 gallon tank and for about 2 months, I bought guppies male and female. The right amount of male to females but they keep dying on me. Or they get stuck on the filter.

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