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zebra (nerite) snails will not reproduce in fresh water. There are also several kinds (not only zebra) red lady (look like ladybugs), spiny or horned nerites, olive nerites. Just make sure you get the freshwater, not saltwater nerites

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Is it OK to get a mystery snail to clean?
How fast does it reproduce?
What is the suggested number of snails for no overcrowding? I have fish.
can I set them free if there are too many in my tank?

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Mystery snails will eat algae, and they reproduce by depositing an egg clutch above the water surface. Thus the eggs are easy to see and remove if you wish. Since mystery snails are slow moving, they likely have a slower metabolism than fish and thus produce significantly less waste.

On the negative side, cleaner fish and snails all add the the biological load on the aquarium, and they are not as thorough as a careful aquarist. Thus, a buying choice should be based on appeal rather than utility.

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better options are doctor fish to clean your aquarium they are also used for pedicure in saloons

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Oto...mystery snail are neat to watch but don't clean much

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I've had a few tanks of Mystery snails. They do not keep the tank clean of algae. I bought a small common pleco when I first started, and he kept the glass as clean as a whistle. I was always changing water though because of the bio load. When his job was done, I gave him to a lfs.

Now I have Oto's and a Rubberlip. No real algae problems anymore that a scraper won't take care of.

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I have MTS (Malaysian Trumpet Snails) in nearly all my aquariums. I found a lot of negative information on the web regarding these chaps but I would like to share my experience if that is OK

They do breed and can produce many live offspring however overfeeding is the cause of this and a balanced system of feeding will keep numbers in check, I have never had a tank "overrun" with them.

They eat all detritus and do it very well, they will look like they are eating your plants but they just graze surface matter, algae or dead plant material, never seen one eating a healthy plant (might do if they are starving though)

They tend to burrow during the day (although in my more peaceful tanks they are out and about any time) as a result they shift the substrate and prevent build up of noxious gasses and bacteria in you tank.

They have a habit of migrating up the glass towards the surface if your water quality starts to drop so are handy in that regard also.

I consider them the most useful part of my clean-up crew and essential to a planted tank. Maybe not the best looking critter in the world but certainly a hard worker and a useful addition IMO.

People claim they get into filters ect but my intakes have foams / strainers on so never had one get anywhere odd.

Think hard before adding them as they are impervious to most methods of complete removal, if you pop them in a tank learn to love them!

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-A somewhat snail expert-
Snails, cleaning fish and such are not very efficient.
Get some Amano Shrimp. They are very efficient, do not need food unless there is no more algae in the tank (they can and ill live off algae wafers)and follow the same basic guidelines to snails.
The best part is that they have almost no bioload at all. You could get 15 in a 10 gallon tank, and assuming that you could take care of them, and they would all be fine! (Pay mind though, you cannot depend on them to clean your tank, you must take care of it. They still poop and no aquatic animal that I know of will eat poop.)
Some tips-
Your tank needs a multitude of good hiding places. They molt often, from every week to a month. It depends on growth rate. If you see an empty shrimp skin, don't assume that it is dead right away. They hide when molting and growing a hard shell back, then reappear to eat algae. You will have a clean tank in weeks! The bad thing is that you need a colony of at least 12 for them to be out and about, and sometimes they even spar for dominance!
If you have a few, do not expect to see them often. They hide very well and I've learned it is a waste of time looking for one in a big tank. They will reappear in a few days, so don't worry.
Good luck!

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Hi I have a ton of snail trying to get rid of them with out killing my fish?

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Hey I have a crayfish and some agrasive fish in my tank with gold fish and shrimp is that a problem

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Partho Banerjee

Crocodile fish which u can get in india ,kolkata which is famous for fish

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Yikes. Are they big snails or small ones? Because I have an aquaponics set, and the plants aren't filtering the water well...

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Eeveelover416, if you have a question with regards to your aquaponics system, it would be better if you asked your own question by using the Ask a New Question box.

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