What should I do it my emerald Cory catfish is laying on his...

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What should I do it my emerald Cory catfish is laying on his side. Please reply ASAP

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If the cory cat was recently added to the aquarium, he could be suffering moving stress. Next time you may want to try drip acclimation;

Are other fish in the aquarium sick? If they are, you may have a water quality issue. This is the case if a water test shows ammonia or nitrite levels above zero or nitrate above 40 ppm. If the pet shop is doing the test, try to get actual values instead of just OK. Ammonia, nitrite and nitrate are all toxic nitrogen compounds, but nitrate is much less toxic. Toxic nitrogen compounds greatly lower a fish's resistance to diseases and parasites and usually result in an illness.

A working nitrogen cycle neutralises toxic nitrogen compounds, but over feeding, over crowding or too few partial water changes will overwhelm the nitrogen cycle. The fish should be fed no more than they eat in a couple of minutes, and 20 or 25 percent of the water should be changed every week. The most effective corrective measure is more frequent partial water changes until water quality issues are gone.

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Thank you I will take ur advice and see what will happen

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