What To Do When Your Fish Jumps Out Of The Tank

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I have three Bala Sharks in a 100 gallon planted tank. It is 2ft tall and 5ft long. This morning somewhere between 6 and 8 a.m. two of them decided to break for freedom when I forgot to put the lid back on after breakfast. Water conditions are perfect and none of the others decided that it was a good idea to leave the water. When I noticed them on the floor this morning, I was eerily calm and scooped both of them up in separate nets and hung the nets back in the aquarium. I put water from the tank in a large clean bucket and then transported both of them into the sick bucket. They were both covered with dust and floating upside down. I put 1/4 cup of dissolved aquarium salt into the bucket to promote slime and left for work. I just got back to the house and both of them were swimming around as if they had not just taken a 5 foot leap onto the kitchen floor this morning. I put them back into the main tank and put a little food in. They ate like nothing ever happened! Both have exactly 1 scale missing each and the third one swims along with them as if they just got back from a vacation. This is my very first jumper and I am not sure if I did all the right things but all seems well.

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  • MarMan: A week later and all is well!
  • Snowman: They’re alive, so you did something right. Probably caught them just in time.

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