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I just set up a new 20 gallon tank and its been only a few days since. I've had a Betta in another tank that i transfered into this new tank just to help bacteria grow. I treated all the water inside with salts and chemicals. Just as of today i found tons of white fuzzy blobs floating in my tank and sticking to my plants. It cant be an over feeding issue cause i only feed once a day and as little as possible. And the water looks to be quite clean up until today. What's causing this?

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It's much quicker to grow a nitrogen cycle with a small pinch of staple food every other day. A fish is likely to get sick in a tank without a nitrogen cycle, and any diseases or parasites will be left in the aquarium.

While the nitrogen cycle is growing, water parameters may be unstable. As for the white stuff, it's probably related to the salt and chemicals. You may want to drain out most of the water and treat the replacement water with a good tap water conditioner but nothing else.

If you leave in all the plants, operate the accessories as you will with fish in the aquarium and add staple food as discussed above, the aquarium should have a working nitrogen cycle in less than a <email> beneficial bacteria are sold in liquid form and will speed nitrogen cycle development. However, instant results are not likely.

With fish in the aquarium, you will need to dilute the toxic nitrogen compounds by frequently changing part of the water. While making things safer for the fish, the water changes will reduce the nutrients available to feed the nitrogen cycle and thus slow its growth.

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