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I have done a bit of my own research on what this is and how it has come about but not really found a clear answer...

My tank is a new setup, 40 litre tropical tank. It has been up and running for just under two weeks and I have done 2 water changes adding a conditioner and a filter boost in the process. So far I have done a couple of tests myself and taken some water to my local store, everything I have tested has been fine except from the ammonia which I have been told was too high when I took it to a store to be checked.

There are no fish in the tank at the moment and the last few days I’ve had a white hair like substance appear mostly on the gravel and a little on the side of the tank.

Taking all this into consideration does anyone have any advice on what this could be, how to get rid of it and if there is anything else I should be doing to prevent it? :)

So... what do you think? Please leave me a comment or give me a


  • Qryzti: Sounds like it might just be algae. Does it look kind of feathery? I don’t do anything about it if I see it in my tank because my fish love to eat it!
  • Barnard27: Thank you for the reply yeah it does look feathery and one of my water changes was done in between this stuff appearing. I was wanting to get a type of pleco I have seen...maybe he will do the trick then!

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