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In Australia at the moment the northern states of NSW and QLD are recovering from Floods yet down in the 2 most southern most states of VIC and TAS we are recovering and still having problems with fires

for info on the fires in Tasmania and Victoria go to



In Tasmania I am in Chigwell just so you know

So... what do you think? Please leave me a comment or give me a


  • johnarthur: That sounds a bit like Sonoran desert weather. Huge dust storms are sometimes followed by big rain. Good luck dealing with the vagaries of a planet in transition.
  • ZachAttack: Same, good luck!
  • tmjohnson: Life ....and weather....appear to be a balance! Do you have any photos to share of what you are experiencing?
  • harryhashighpants: no but where I live my mum has nearly been chocking on smoke from the fires

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