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why is my fake plants turning brown?and how often should i change my filters. tank has been running for about 6 weeks, 3 water changes

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its algae on the fake plants. you should change your filter inserts about once every month if its a hang on the back flter. and do a 35% water change twice a week for optimal cleanlyness. othewise oa week at 35% is fine. hope helps my good friend

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southern creature
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Mjrkiller is right about water changes and you should base the frequency of water changes on your tets results. This means if you're getting zero ammonia, zero nitirtes and acceptable nitrate readings for 7 days then do a weekly water change, maybe add a new fish or two!...(most advice given on this site is geared towards a weekly water change, esp. stock levels).
If test readings stray from ideal and you get ammonia and nitrite readings above zero then YES do twice weekly water changes, or consider what's causing these readings and take action to get your water changes to weekly....such action is often a reduction in fish stock levels.

Over stocking could very well explain algal growth as too many fish create high nitrate (poop) levels and poop is good fertiliser fot algae and plants.

How big is your tank?
How many fish are in the tank?

Also there are species that eat brown/red algae..if you can fit them???

BTW Do you have a hang on th back (**** filter or something else?

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i have a 55 gal african tank w/ 16 small/meds. what species eat eat brown algae?

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Live plants, reducing photoperiod to about 10 hours a day, and be strict on not to overfeed and all these actions will (should) greatly reduce algae. Live plants will use the nutrients that algae need for their growth. For now take the fake plants and you can wash them or if needed remove the algae with soft sponge (of course the new one and never used with detergents etc). Shrimps or snails would eat it but if you have a lot then it's not so easy to get rid unless you rub it off first. Hope if helps

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Great source! I had the same problem with my fake plants & looking for the solution. Here i get many suggestions that are near to my query. Thanks all of you for sharing your views.

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it all depends how many fish the more you have the messier the little darlins are you can always look at the filters and see if they are super dirty, as far as the fake plants take them out and rinse them thoroughly with water from the faucet its an algae do you have any algae eaters like chinese algae eaters that will help.

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