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why my goldfish is pooping white string it use to be green ?

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What are your water parameters? Size of tank? Type of goldfish?

Please answer those questions so we can figure out what is wrong.

White poo comes from stress or disease or bad water quality. Healthy goldfish poo should b chunky, not long and stringy. Goldfish need lots of veggies (up to 70% OF their diet is veggies).

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Bubbles is right,answer those questions first so we can get to the bottom of this.

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The tank is 10 gallon with 3 diffrent fiters 1.undergravel filter 2.Aqueon cartidge and bio-holster 3.ammo carb 1cup which I change every month in a whisper power filter. 40% water change every 2 weeks I also use (Stress zyme+ when I do water changes . Stress coat+ when adding water. quick start once month. I only us API brand.)(2goldfish in a tank one is fantail the other is ryukin they are about 2.50 inches )( Water temp is 70f-77f)( ammo is between 0-0.25 )(I also add fresh water aquarium salt 1/2 TEA spoon onc a month)(There is plenty of oxygen, NO bad small, clear water and they look very happy)(FOOD is HIKARI Sinking CHCHLID Excel wich is vege and green pees)for 4 months I also gave them wardley floating palet which I stopped beacuse this guy who owns fish stor here in town told me Wardley floating palet are not that good by the way only one of my gold fish poops solid green at all times and the other poops one day green with air pockets in between or white string the next day. I had my fish for 3 years now. THANK YOU

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