Will Calcium Supplement Hurt My Betta

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Hi, My husband and I got a betta for our 5 year old son about a month ago and the feisty little guy is doing wonderful in his 2.5 gallon, filtered (not heated as we live in San Diego and the water temp is naturally good) tank. About two weeks after we got the betta, I got a green mystery snail (thinking it's an apple snail) as I read they help keep the algae levels in control in the tank. He (or she) has been doing well also. I do give him an algae wafer about once a week or so.

Today, I noticed that his shell is looking a little thin around the opening edge and, after reading a lot online, think he may need some calcium.

My question is, will adding a calcium supplement negatively affect the betta? I read that I could put a fruit or plain tums in there or a piece of cuddle bone, but I don't want to do it unless I know it's safe for our betta. My son would be devastated if his betta died.

Thank you for any experienced advice.

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insted of putting things in the tank try feeding him up to make him strong apple snail eat rotting plant matter and vegetation try some vegetables this is just a thought but all so keep in mind that apple snails will need 2.5g for its self when grown as all thing living things make waste if you know about the cycle

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We plan to upgrade the tank as we just re-furnished our son's entire room and he now has room for a larger tank in there.

I just thought it would be good to give Shelly (my son's name for the snail) some calcium, but don't want to do anything until I know if it's safe for Fishy (his name for his Betta).

I have some lettuce, so I will give Shelly some of that today. He got an algae wafer yesterday. Should I put something partly on top of the lettuce to keep it at the bottom or should I just let it float on top of the water?

Sorry for such basic questions. This is our first time with a snail and as with our two dogs (beagles) we are very responsible and loving animal parents no matter what the animal is.

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