Zen My Elephant Ear, Double Tail Betta

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I have a group of Male Betta’s, I have a Leaf Hammock in each tank. I see several of my Betta boys enjoying a rest on them occasionally, but Zen my E.E. Double tail especially loves his. Every morning I find him sleeping on the leaf and often during the day he is back on it taking a rest. He doesn’t have any problem swimming around the tank, but with his big flowing fins I believe he tires easier than the others. Resting there, makes it easier for him to take a breath when he needs to. If anyone has a E.E. Betta, a leaf Hammock would be a great addition.


So... what do you think? Please leave me a comment or give me a


  • guppylover: He’s so pretty!
  • Bonnietaylor: Thanks, he is pretty, I don’t why the photos only show red and white, he has a lot of purple coloring as well.
  • guppylover: Cool! It’s fun to read the updates on your bettas.
  • Timedformula8: First of all thanks for helping me with my fin rot issue.Second I have two betta hammocks and they are very active and sometimes use there hammock so I think it’s a great product.
  • puppyhollywood: Your killing me!!! I’ve wanted an E.E. forever!!! Where did you get him, and how much did he cost?
  • Bonnietaylor: I got him in Petco several months ago, he was my most expensive boy at just under 20 dollars!
  • Peanut: I love reading about your fish!
  • Imasondeestreaker: My Halfmoon loves his hammock as well. How ever since putting him in his larger tank he uses it less and less. I don’t wonder if it’s not from getting exercise and stronger form more room to swim. Just a thought to ponder.....
  • Imasondeestreaker: Your Betta is beautiful!
  • Kirsten02: Soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo pretty, how much was that!!!!
  • Charlie.l: Beautiful fish, where did you get it?

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