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Species Profile: Pseudotropheus Demasoni by Christi
Pseudotropheus Demasoni is a dwarf mbuna hailing from The African rift lake Malawi around the Pombo Rocks and Ndumbi regions in Tanzania. Description: The demasoni is a monomorphic cichlid, meaning there is no external difference between the ...
Fishless Cycling with Ammonia by Cloudy
Cycling your tank is a must if you want to provide a healthy environment for your future aquatic pets. A cycled tank will house a colony of beneficial bacteria that converts the toxic waste that is continuously being produced in your tank into ...

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by Maya - 20 hours ago
I'll choose #6. Very beautiful and the colors amazingly pop out!
by Maya - 20 hours ago
Brian Russell wrote: For March, there will be no Betta POTM. As Kev suggested, I will run an Aquarium POTM, it must be your own personal aquarium, not from a LFS. The Betta will be included ...
by MarkDiaz - 1 day ago
There is now a strain of ich that can survive temperature above 90F, far greater temperatures than freshwater fish can manage so we no longer advise the salt and heat method for fish. It ...
by thea - 29 minutes ago
Just checking-you tested the tank water right? Not tap water? Baffling a filter is no trouble at all. Here are some ideas. ...
by thea - 37 minutes ago
my male beeta dead after hatching eggs what to do with my eggs and female beeta
by Guest - 51 minutes ago
House party
by Fishlady47 - 1 hour ago

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