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I'll say 10, but they're all gorgeous this month!
by BettaSnail - 19 hours ago
#6 - lot's of good tanks, but #6.
by MarkDiaz - 1 day ago
No, I do large water changes monthly, smaller 25-30% ones weekly. Sorry for the confusion, I forgot to mention that part.
by KaitlinBetta - 1 minute ago
Does it not have an adjustable dial? I've not used this heater before but I generally use heaters with little adjustable dials on the top, this way I can change the temperature dial until ...
by Paul Roney - 32 minutes ago
You could keep a small group of shell dwellers but that's about it for African cichlids in a 29g
by Paul Roney - 45 minutes ago
That link took me to 😂 but thanks for trying. It's a shame I can't get the link to work on MAC. In any case, bumblebee gobies are suited to nano tanks and spend their ...
by Paul Roney - 46 minutes ago
I have a 15g micro community and a 2.6 that's just about finished cycling, I seeded it but just chucked an algae wafer In because I'm going to Spain on Monday so can't stock it until I get ...
by Paul Roney - 1 hour ago
Maybe you should drop some sinking pellets and hide behind ur door leaving a tiny crack to peak through. That way you will really know if he is eating or not when you are not around. Some ...
by LunaMoon - 1 hour ago
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