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Sumps For Noobs by Fully_koalafied
You might have come across the word "sump" thrown around quite a bit in fishkeeping forums. You might even have Googled it and found that it is mainly used in marine tanks, and hence haven't given it a second thought. Well, the truth is, you can ...
Aquarium lighting for plants by Fishfur
The intensity of light is what drives plant growth. Watts are not very important, what matters is colour temperature, measured in Kelvin degrees. You may see also on labels, CRI, colour rendering index. This is of no use to us unless you want to ...

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by Maya - 1 day ago
I'll choose #6. Very beautiful and the colors amazingly pop out!
by Maya - 1 day ago
Brian Russell wrote: For March, there will be no Betta POTM. As Kev suggested, I will run an Aquarium POTM, it must be your own personal aquarium, not from a LFS. The Betta will be included ...
by MarkDiaz - 1 day ago
Hi Peter, The easiest way to lower that level of ammonia quickly is to do a tank flush. https://www.myaquariumclub.com/another-way-to-flush-a-tank-7015.html If your tank has only been ...
by Cloudy - 5 minutes ago
Ok. Thankyou!
by DiamondGirl - 8 minutes ago
What gold fish is small enough to go in a 15l tank
by Darren francis - 9 minutes ago
If your Betta has shown improvement following the water changes I would recommend continuing with them. Medicines can be quite hard on fish and should only be used if - a: you know what you ...
by Cloudy - 9 minutes ago

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