Beloved Female Betta Not Eating

My lovely female betta has stopped eating. She is showing stress stripes but has no reason to be stressed. My tank levels are normal, the tank is heated at 80*, and filtered. She is swimming, albeit slowly, and otherwise doesn’t look ill. This has been going on for 4 days now..

I am really beginning to worry about her! Any advice would be appreciated!

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1 week ago #2
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What are the water parameters of the tank like ph ammonia nitrates and nitrites? Also what size tank is it? What food do you feed her it may be she is tired of one food and wants more of a diet.

1 week ago #3

thank you for replying, but she passed away last night .

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1 week ago #4
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I'm so sorry you lost the fish. How long did you have her?

The sad fact is that it seems that Betta fish generally are not as robust as we'd like. They are highly inbred and this affects everything about them, lifespan, immunity, ability to tolerate stressors, digestion. It's very sad but the pet shop fish have many troubles.

It's often better to buy the fish from a reputable breeder with plenty of experience.

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