Betta POTM Submission Thread for February 2018

Hi everyone,

The rules are simple:

1. Each month we will start a new thread for submissions. Submission starts today and ends on 15th after which the submission thread will be locked.

2. Voting time starts on 16th, when a new voting thread will be created and each member can reply with a vote for the best picture. At the end of voting, we will count the votes and announce the winner. Winners will also be posted on MAC's Instagram photos: #potm #winner #myaquariumclub

3. Photo must be of aquatic creatures. i.e. photo of a dog watching an aquarium or fish will not be accepted. (by request) for search functions, the species should be noted in the submission.

4. Please submit only one photograph. By submitting the photograph, you warrant that it is your original and not copyrighted. (Please note: Posting collages qualifies as posting multiple photos and will not be allowed.)

5. At least 6 photos have to be submitted to start this contest. If the number of entries are less than 6, the submission deadline will be extended by a week. If the number of entries are still <6, I will automatically stop this month's POTM contest and start in the next month with the previous month entries.

6. Photo must be of live and healthy stock (no dead or diseased animals please).

7. To be eligible, members must have 25 posts.

8. Guests are not eligible to participate.

9. Members with less than 25 posts -- or who have a negative rating -- are not eligible to participate.

10. Have fun!

This thread is used only for submission of photos. Any other discussions as well as ineligible photos will be deleted without notice.

*Do you need help with taking better pictures of your fish? Check out these blogs!
Fish Photography Basics
Fish Photography Tips

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Floodweiser76 avatar
2 weeks ago #2
Bronze Member
Blogs: 0
Forum: 65
Votes: 4

My plakat betta, Drago

Milliemae124 avatar
2 weeks ago #3
Junior Member
Blogs: 0
Forum: 30
Votes: 0

My Halfmoon betta Kai

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Fishlady47 avatar
2 weeks ago #4
Platinum Member
Blogs: 4
Forum: 403
Votes: 8

My Butterfly betta Beau

A.Z avatar
2 weeks ago #5
Gold Member
Blogs: 0
Forum: 292
Votes: 13

My twintail halfmoon!

Spooky avatar
1 week ago #6
Platinum Member
Blogs: 0
Forum: 576
Votes: 13

My lovely previous betta, Silk

Truthsayer avatar
1 week ago #7
Blogs: 7
Forum: 1,169
Votes: 96

He is no more, but his memory is still fresh

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Guppyfied avatar
1 week ago #8
Blogs: 3
Forum: 832
Votes: 28


Jesgar77 avatar
1 week ago #9
Gold Member
Blogs: 3
Forum: 193
Votes: 3

My buddy Jacoby

Spoiled Betta avatar
1 week ago #10
Spoiled Betta
Blogs: 17
Forum: 1,456
Votes: 35

My buddy Bou. May the Rest In Peace

1 week ago #11

Please read rule #8. Guests can't participate.

1 week ago #12

I have a password and stuff, how do i become a member?

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Carley avatar
1 week ago #13
Blogs: 18
Forum: 30,692
Votes: 765

You need to go to the top right of the page and Sign In if you made an account.

Brian Russell avatar
4 days ago #14
Brian Russell
Blogs: 4
Forum: 11,136
Votes: 297

Last day for submissions everyone.

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