My betta fish won't EAT!!!!!!!!!!
I recently bought a betta fish from petco. This betta just doesn't eat, and I really don't know what the problem is. His food right now is "Betta fish tropical medly" which is some kind of flake ...
by *Sara*
Why is my betta hanging at the Bottom of the tank??
I have had him almost a week. At first he swam around as usual and I feed him once a day usually pellets or flakes. But now he is hanging around the bottom of the tank most of the time. What could be ...
by Lukbe
The Genetics of Betta Fish: Tail Types
... n crossed, two genes do not mix, but average out and the most dominant shows. This is not true for bettas. Veiltail (VV) Male Veiltail by Kirrie Female Veiltail by ...
by Luvn Bubbles
Can you put goldfish with a betta fish?
i got a new goldfish and i already have betta can i put them together because one of my friends said it is fine but i am just double checking.
by ashika
Betta fish turning white?
My betta used to be a vibrant red and now hes very pale and almost white, his fins are almost a pink color and he has trouble swimming, if he isn't resting on a plant then he just sinks to the bottom ...
by Jess
My betta fish isn't eating
I have a betta that I got about...three weeks ago. I have another betta from earlier and they live in an aquarium with a glass divider since my older betta is a tad aggressive. Anyways. My newer ...
by Inali
Myth: Bettas can live in tiny bowls People think "In pet stores they keep bettas in tiny containers... the bowl I am getting is a castle compared to that. My betta will be so happy." OR "In ...
by thea
Type of Water for Betta Fish? Please help!
Hi everyone, I am interested in buying a betta fish and have done my fair share of research. However, when looking for the best type of water to use, there has been a lot of debate. I want to use ...
by Emily
Female Betta Sororities
I've been on here a while now, and in discussions I often come across the topic of female betta sororities. I myself, found this idea very clever and fascinating and decided to give it a go. It ...
by BettaBoake
Just got a baby betta.. How often should I feed it? And how much should I?...
Just got a baby betta.. How often should I feed it? And how much should I? I've just been feeding it (dead) bloodworms that are sorta flaky so I just sprinkle a few 'flakes' into his tank now and ...
by Random Person
Betta fish with mollies?
Can a betta be kept with mollies? I keep seeing loads of different answers from different site so anyone with experience would be appreciated. I have 3 mollies 1 male 2 female and some neons.
by jo m
Betta hiding behind filter/heater
My betta has been constantly hanging out between the glass and the heater/filter. Luckily, he can get out and doesn't get trapped but I am worried that he is there because of something. I am hoping ...
by Bettaboylovr
The first picture is when we got him, the second was taken today. He is the only fish in a 5 gal tank. IDK why is body is bent like that. He gets plenty to eat. The tank has a filter and heater. ...
by haileyreannon288
New betta is sitting at top of tank
Hi, I bought a male betta about three days ago. For the past few days he has been swimming around a lot in his new bowl. He seemed very happy. But, today I came home and he was just sitting at the ...
by Worried Betta Owner
What type of betta is it
I bought him from a local pet store please help me...find its type
by Lazy
HELP! my betta isn't moving but IS alive
Hi everyone, I would really appreciate your help! I got a betta with my roommate 3 months ago in a small 1 gallon tank. We feed her every day and change her water twice a week but both of us left the ...
by Melanie
Betta losing his fins after move
i have been fighting this issue for a while and i have tried multiple things to which nothing.has worked ....ive treated him with salt ive done the actual medical treatment ive changed his water ...
by ryth
Betta POTM February 2018 Voting
It’s that time again! Let’s see which photo gets the most votes. Voting starts today and will run until the end of this month. The picture with the most votes when voting closes is the winner. ...
by Brian Russell
Betta Fish is having problem and need help fixing.
So i have this betta fish i saved from my cousins, from the very tiny bowl, when i got him he would sit at the bottom, rarely eat and only move for air, i've tried some medicines for the past month ...
by sailorrs4
Bump Under Betta Fish Neck
I've had my fish Bowser for about three or four months now. About three weeks ago, I noticed a bump under his neck. I fasted him, but nothing happened. I thought he was constipated so I tried the ...
by HadesBowser
What can i kept with male betta that will clean tank
what can i kept with male betta that will clean tank
by Amy
Can a betta live with out a heater and filter?
Can a betta live with out a heater and filter, I don't have them in my budjet. HELP me!!!!!!:shocked: :cry:
by the girl & the bettas
How do I set up the perfect betta tank?
So, after discovering I have neither the space nor money to properly keep goldfish, I'm looking to set up the perfect habitat for a betta. Is it true they prefer to be solitary? How about tank ...
by Lore
High PH in Betta Tank
So I decided to test the PH in my bettas tank after I did a water change, and to my surprise, the PH was showing 8.0. I thought maybe it was my tap water, so I tested that. Water out of tap tested at ...
by Andrea
Betta Fish In Shock? Help!
New betta owner here... I did a 100% water change. I know now I wasn't supposed to do this. Now, poor Moby is lying listless at the bottle of the tank. What can I do to help him? Suggestions please!!!
by CannonSix
Betta turned upside down
I walked past my betta, Harvey, a few minutes ago and he was upside down. As soon as he noticed me he turned over and swam away really quick. Could something be wrong with him? Sometimes he is face ...
by Meg
How often should I clean my betta tank?
I have a 5.5 gallon tank & was wondering how often I should be cleaning it, I was thinking twice a week or once a week but I'm not sure if that would be okay or not, Also how much water should I take ...
by Spicymiller
Betta's head turning black
I got a Betta fish six days ago. I put it in a .7 gallon tank but quickly upgraded to a 5-gallon tank after reading a beginners guide 2 Bettas. Today I realized that his head is turning black... The ...
by Killer7012
Betta Buddies (Myths uncovered)
When I was about 9 years old I received my very first betta as a birthday present. He was a red veil named Simon and I absolutely adored him. I was a relatively responsible child and he lived for 2 ...
by EmberOfMemories
Betta laying with his head in the gravel and tail up?
in the last couple of days I've noticed my betta no longer swimming around his tank, and instead spending most of his time with his head down in the rocks and tail up in the air (so to speak). He ...
by DaftHappiness
Betta fish with popeye, please help!
Six days ago my betta began exhibiting symptoms of bilateral popeye. It started out as white rings but developed into full blown popeye in just a few hours. I did a 50% water change and the next day ...
by linkthehero
The sad truth on betta fish in tiny spaces
You go to the pet shop and you buy a betta. All the other fish are in proper tanks, but the bettas are in cups swimming in their own poop! Most of them are dead, some of them are half dead, the ...
by Sofia
White fuzz on betta fins
we have a male betta with what appears to be white fuzz on his back fins. it even looks like some tips if the fins may have fallen off. He doesn't seem to be eating the tropical fish flakes we give ...
by morganlee8708
Some tricks and toys to entertain your betta!
Betta Flare by Nolan (POTM May 2014) Bettas are one of the most wonderful fish in the aquatic world. They are personable, intelligent, colorful fish with long flowing fins. They remember you ...
by blackmoor193
New tank cloudy water one betta fish
Hello, I am new to tank and fish ownership and this seems like a great place to get advice. I recently fell in love with a betta fish at my local Petco. So I decided to go for it. I originally bought ...
by Penny
Betta Forum
The Wild Ancestors of the commonly called Betta, or Siamese Fighting fish, were found in shallow bodies of water, such as rice paddies, in Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and Malaysia. In Thailand they ...
by Bonnie
Why is my Betta fish tail ripped while there is no other fish attacking it?
In response to a guest question: "I have a betta whose tail is a little ripped. He's in a 2.5 gallon tank with a live plant, 2 tetras, and a blue mystery snail. Neither fish attack each other." ...
by Bonnie
Hi guys, its me again. I need some help with my betta as its belly is huge now. He lives in a little 3L tank, but my little sister has been overfeeding him for the last week, and now his stomach is ...
by The Gamer
Betta rapidly swimming back and forth
About a week and a half ago I bought my first fish since I was a kid. I bought a beautiful delta tailed male betta. He resides in a heated, filtered 5 gallon tank with no other residents. I checked ...
by Guest
My Betta has black gills is it normal?
I just perchased this beautiful betta some hours ago and I noticed he has black gills. His tank is filtered and has a temperature of 25°C. The ammonia levels are 0 and he seems to be very healthy, ...
by Bittzy

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