Why did my pleco die?
A few weeks ago my albino pleco just suddenly died. He had been normal eating algae, then got behind the heater and died within a few hours. When i took him out his stomach was caved in. What ...
by haileyreannon288
How can i tell what sex my common pleco is i have read that ...
how can i tell what sex my common pleco is i have read that females are wider than males when you look from above but as i only have one this is not an option
by alan
Pleco in a 10 gallon tank?
Ok. So I have two 10 gallon tanks. In my first tank, I have 1 male molly, 3 male guppies and a cory catfish. My second tank, I have 2 female platies, 2 female mollies, about 9 assorted fry (1 molly, ...
by tropical_tiffini
Pleco 101: Types of plecos, what to feed them and how to breed them
... ere the female may get a few around the mouth.Ok, so I see a lot of people talking about the common pleco they got at their local fish store and that they have them in something like a 10 gallon ...
by Joe H
Difference between a female bristlenose pleco and a pleco
how do you tell the difference between a female bristlenose pleco and a common pleco that are both 4-6''
by ZEEK913
My pleco is missing! He has been completely disappeared from my 10 gallon t...
My pleco is missing! He has been completely disappeared from my 10 gallon tank about 2 weeks ago. He's only about 3 inches long, so I guess it's easy to loose him. But come on. I've gently looked ...
by SarahPanda267
Is my common Pleco Male or female?
... 's of my Pleco fish (named Parker) My fish is now 4" long. If you want to see video footage of my pleco I posted two of them recently. Just search "common pleco male or female" on youtube. (I am ...
by ParkerThePleco
Pleco's can live in cold water
... innows in it. A lot of algae was growing in it and clogging up in the filter, so I decided to get a plecostomus to clean up the algae. I didn't know if the water would be too ...
by Wessel1
How Often To Feed My Bristlenose Pleco?
Hi guys, I recently got a bristlenose pleco and have bought him some algae wafers, but I don't know how often to give them to him. Please help!:thumb-up:
by 12frank3lin
Would a 120 litre tank be big Enough for 4 goldfish and a bristlenose pleco??????
I have decided in a year to get a bigger tank for my 4 goldfish. I am just wondering is a 120 litre tank going to be big enough? This is the bigger I can go really. Anyone help?
by Smokey19
How long does it take a common pleco to grow to it's full size?
How long does it take a common pleco to grow to it's full size?
by AndrewLedden
Pleco & Oto Not Eating Algae Wafers? HELP.
I recently got a Petsmart Albino Bristlenose Plecostomus, I put algae wafers in and he doesnt seem to understand them, same with my Otoocinclus. My mollies try to eat the wafers and thats why i ...
by TheFishHobbyIsLife
Why does my Pleco not move?
I have a 8 gallon tank, I have 1 Commom Pleco and all he does is sit under my rock he has'nt moved for days and I'm sarting to worry since he's not getting any food.. Can anyone tell me why he won't ...
by Immortal Gar
How do I care for a Rubber Lip Pleco?
I would like some help. I got a rubber lip pleco yesterday along with 8 other fish. My Dad had come home with 9 new fish when I had only asked for 3 swords. In my tank I have a leopard sailfin ...
by For_The_Love_Of_Fi sh
Bloated and Dying Pleco!
Hi, I bought a common pleco exactly a week ago and he/she (I don't know how to tell?) has spent a LOT of time on the glass at the very top of the tank and in the last 2 or 3 days has bloated quite a ...
by cjknight
Pleco dashing to the surface and straight back down
I have just been given a 25 cm pl*co ( common I think) and have put it in my 95litre cold water tank (I live in Spain so not very cold ever) he keeps expelling air and dashing to the surface and ...
by Newpleclover
My Pleco Isnt Eating!
Hello Members of MAC. I have a problem. My pleco wont eat. Every 3 days I drop down a sinking pellet for him to eat but he/she never goes for it. I know that the pleco is a algae eater, but I also ...
by My pleco isn't eating
Is my pleco safe with aquarium salt
I recently put aquarium salt in my 55 gallon aquarium. I have a ouachita map turtle, a few feeder fish several Mollie's platies,guppies, corys and ghost shrimp. ( yes, I know the fish might get eaten ...
by turtlekeeper
Pleco Attacks
... for over a year without any major problems. In the last couple of months however, I've had a common pleco picking off glofish one by one. My brother recently added an apple snail to the tank and I've ...
by widespreadpanic
My pleco isnt moving
I dont know what to do, i know that he is still alive. He is just sitting on the bottom of the tank not moving or trying to eat anything. i know hes alive because if i try and move him he will swim ...
by Vlobes
So my oscar (about 6 inches, maybe 7) swallowed our new pleco (about 2 inches) and its stuck in his mouth. He swallowed it headfirst and the tail's sticking out. I've read mixed reviews on what to ...
by delfiend
Species Overview: Bristlenose Pleco (Ancistrus cirrhosus)
... other one of my blogs! Background Information: The Bristlenose Pleco has been one of my favourite plecos that I have always wanted, and, just recently, I have gotten one! These guys are fairly ...
by Jack Chessher
Chocolate pleco
So today I went into my local lfs and asked about a chocolate pleco they had I asked about size really he said it should only grow to 8 inches so I purchased it as I have a 125 litre tank. But ...
by diane
Does my pleco have ich
I was wondering if my pleco has ich?
by Hayad2002
Why did my pleco jump out of the tank?
This morning I was feeding my fish and couldn't find my plec. I had heard that catfish and plecs will jump out of tanks, so I looked on the ground and there he was! I saw him move and he was still ...
by PetriBass
Driftwood for Pleco?
I have a common Pleco, Hypostomus plecostomus, and I was reading that they need and love drift wood. Where can I buy real driftwood? Does petsmart sell the real stuff? Or does it need to be real?
by Caitlan
How long will it take my baby bristlenose pleco to grow 3 inches????
I had two bristlenose plecos but one died last night of a bloated belly. I only had him a week! But the other one is fine. I was wondering how long it would take him to grow 3inches. He's only a baby ...
by Smokey19
Treating fin rot and mouth fungus in pleco's??
Alright, so I've never had problems with fungus in fish before, let alone a sick pleco. I got him at the new petsmart that opened up last month ( I'm done buying from them because every one of their ...
by LindsayHJW
A Visual Perspective on a Common Pleco's Size
(A Common Pleco owned by a family member of mine) It seems that the common plecostomus (or pleco for short) is the go-to algae cleaner for new aquarists. They are small, peaceful and eat algae, ...
by Guppyfied
Clown, Rubber Lip or Bristlenose Pleco?
I was planning to add a bristlenose pleco to my 29 gallon, but today at work I realized that we are now selling bristlenose plecos as well as clown and rubber lip plecos. Which do you think would be ...
by Kirrie
Ich treatment on pleco?
I have a goldfish that has ich. I also have a rubbernose pleco living with the goldfish. I have this Kordon Rapid-Cure Ich treatment that im going to use on my goldfish. My question is- can my ...
by meowsnail90
Glofish and a Pleco fish
I have a 10 gal. fish tank. In it there is 1 Glofish and I want to put a pleco(sucker fish) in with it. Should I do it? If so what kind of pleco.
by Littlefish
Pleco with fin rot. Aquarium salt and Melafix?
I have a bristlenose pleco with a bit of fin rot. I've determined that it's because I've been adding too much Seachem Prime to my water changes & got her fresh food (read old food can cause stress ...
by Starshine
Pleco Crossbreed?
First off, I didnt think it was possible for plecos to crossbreed! I recently found out it was when I perchased my newest and fiestiest member of my fishie family. When I bought him I was told he was ...
Bristlenose Pleco with large round belly?
Ever since I put a new piece of driftwood in the tank which he fell in love with I've noticed his belly became huge. He's not as active and not eating as much either. I boiled the driftwood and ...
by Cobratron
My pleco is not sucking anything please help!!! It's a common pleco and it'...
My pleco is not sucking anything please help!!! It's a common pleco and it's just on the bottom of the tank not rally moving I just got it two days ago with two common goldfish it's moving if ...
by Allie Leann
What is this pleco?
I just got this pleco because of its markings. But not sure what it is. Any help? Thanks!
by Libbc0812
What kind of Pleco do I have? I got him at Petsmart and he's black with whi...
What kind of Pleco do I have? I got him at Petsmart and he's black with white spots. They just called him Pleco but I'm using a website to calculate my stocking level and they have all different ...
by bergamot
White Stuff (fungus?) on Pleco
Hello everyone, I'm very concern about white things on my pleco's mouth. I'm not sure if it's fungus but it does not look healthy. What can/should I do? Thank you so much, everyone! ...
by TicTac
by Guest

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