How to hatch ghost shrimp eggs
i have two ghost shrimp that have little green eggs inside them. what do i do to hatch them and are they fertal. if so do you put them in a breeding chamber. and how do you tell the sex of the shrimp?
by shrimpy
Thinking of getting ghost shrimp in my 2.5 gallon betta tank, but would it survive?
... er and all necessary products, but I wanted to add more life to the tank and many recommended ghost shrimp. However, some other sites said they will get eaten. I want to ...
by bettababes
What are the differences between Amano Shrimp and Ghost Shrimp?
What are the differences between Amano Shrimp and Ghost Shrimp?
by Rebeka52
Growing and breeding Ghost shrimp
... you can barely see are the newest, just started free swimming, by Fishfur. Second, Pregnant ghost shrimp. Last, very young shrimplets on a small sponge filter, by Fishfur. One thing to ...
by Fishfur
Why do my ghost shrimp keep dying?
I had ghost shrimp for several months and accidently overfed my baby fish with the first bites by hikari and did a water change and went on vacation. I came home and all of them were dead and my ...
by sarah22992
How many Ghost shrimp per Gallon?
How many Ghost shrimp per Gallon? I want some for my 10 Gallon i have done so much research and made MAC sick with all my questions! But i never kept shrimp and thees guys seem like a good beginner ( ...
by FishLover233
How to care for Bamboo shrimp - fabulous filter feeders !
Atyopsis moluccensis, young female - Wikimedia commons I'm crazy about filter feeding shrimp. I've had a number of different species of the 'fan' feeding shrimps, but the first one I ever kept ...
by Fishfur
Red Cherry Shrimp Sexing
I bought three red cherry shrimp from Petco the other day. I believe one of them is old enough to sex and was wondering if I was correct that it is a female. ...
by kmuth
How do you tell the difference between a male and female ghost shrimp? and ...
How do you tell the difference between a male and female ghost shrimp? and if one lays eggs will it be okay to let them live in my 20 gallon? I don't have a separate tank at the time but do they ...
by austinspartan117
Pregnant ghost shrimp
How long are ghost shrimp pregnant or how long do they hold onto the babies before they separate from the mom
by Dharma
Shrimp to keep with mollies
I have a tank with dalmatian mollies, guppies, neon tetras and otos. I want to keep shrimp, but am concerned about the mollies eating them (I think the guppies and neons are too small?) I'm going to ...
by sarah
Cherry shrimp and guppies
Do cherry shrimp and guppies work together and if so what numbers and size tank would be best for them, plus is there another fish which could work well with them???
by Guest
How to successfully care for Red Cherry Shrimp
Red cherry shrimp are awesome for somebody new to shrimp! They're fascinating, quirky little creatures that are very amusing to watch, and they're easy to care for, if you know how to do so. :) In ...
by CalicoKitties
Ghost Shrimp Turning White
Hello everyone, My ghost shrimp has been slowly turning white for about a week and a half now. She (I believe the shrimp is female) has molted twice in the last week and a half. About four days ago ...
by Guppyfied
Red Cherry Shrimp Questions!
... currently cycling right now, and I was planning on stocking it (once it cycles) with about 7 cherry shrimp. I have a few questions, though: 1. What should I feed them? Algae wafers? 2. What do I do ...
by Rebel55
Will my sucker fish or my goldfish eat a ghost shrimp my tank tem.is80 I ha...
will my sucker fish or my goldfish eat a ghost shrimp my tank tem.is80 I have 4 gold fish and2 sucker fish
by Guest
(URGENT) What can you feed brine shrimp???
:blush: :S (urgent) Hi i was wondering what you feed brine shrimp because i got to take some home and i dont know what to feed them and alot of them are hatching...
by fishygirl2900
Ich in community aquarium with frogs, shrimp, snails and live plants . . . ...
Ich in community aquarium with frogs, shrimp, snails and live plants . . . Last night I discovered that several of my fish are infected with ich. It has affected my cardinal tetras and my neon ...
by Anne C
Ghost shrimp + snails = ghost shrimp
Well I discovered by accident that ghost shrimp like to eat snails. I had several ghost shrimp and a few platies in my tank for a few weeks while the tank was cycling. The shrimp were doing a ...
by Fry Daddy
Breeding bamboo shrimp.
so i have read it is almost impossible to breed bamboo shrimp in captivity but one of my females appears to have eggs and if she drops the larvae i may give it a go. anyone ever heard of people being ...
by rpsp_07
Will German Blue Rams eat Red Cherry Shrimp
... ycling it I currently have 6 endlers in it and a dwarf gourami. I was thinking about getting cherry shrimp and a German blue ram and was wondering if the ram would eat the endlers or the cherry ...
by wesaltman
Can ghost shrimp kill fish?
So I have a 40 gallon tank that has 3 guppies 2 catfish 5 neon tetra and 6 ghost shrimp in the past week I've lost a catfish and tetra. Both fish had their tail completely gone and side fins were ...
by Ashleyjean28
Cherry Shrimp - one of the most popular pet shrimp
Photo of a berried cherry shrimp by Zach. This is a pretty standard low grade Cherry, you can see the red colour is not solid over the whole shell. Neocaridina davidii - the Cherry shrimp The many ...
by Fishfur
Can i put Chinese algae eater with chery red shrimp?.....
I had 3 Chinese algae eaters in my planted tank.... and i would like to add cherry red shrimps to my tank.....plz give me a suggestions about dat....
by Anand
My ghost shrimp have laid eggs
What can I do to assure the survival of these little dudes? Right now they're in a heavily planted five gallon tank with several adult ghosties, three mystery snails and a japanese trapdoor snail and ...
by sarah22992
Red cherry shrimp not very active
I purchased five red cherry shrimp a few weeks ago. When first placed in the thank they were all very active for the first week. The past week they have just been sitting at the bottom of the tank in ...
by 240zdatsun
Is it easy to breed blue shrimp
I am looking online for shrimp. I found blue shrimp that are super expensive. 5 are sold for $100 but are currently on sale for $30. I am thinking of breeding them and selling them. So i am ...
by Nikkie7
Discus & Shrimp
Is there any kind of shrimp i could keep with discus? or whats the best ''clean up crew'' for a planted discus tank? just to keep algae at bay.
by dominic2106
Raw Fish/Shrimp to Start the Nitrogen Cycle
Hello, I've set up my first aquarium with the filter and air pump with air stone and have those appliances running. I've treated the water, added a little bit of bacteria supplement, and bought a ...
by SamuelPaul
Questions about freshwater crabs, shrimp, and snails
I have a 20 gallon freshwater aquarium, currently with 4 guppies, 2 tetras, and about 5 cherry shrimp (i had about 20 but they have been dying off, not sure why). I have been pondering getting one of ...
by Guest
Baby fry and ghost shrimp???
Hi! I have a fry (either platy or molly) in a birthing bin. It has been 2 months and she isn't growing. I am scared the birthing bin is too small so I am buying a 1 gallon and a filter, heater and ...
by Coral
Red Cherry Shrimp tank mates?
... guys, so I'm buying a 55L fluval cube tank from my friend. It's planted and she has just moved her shrimp to a bigger tank so she's helping me out with cycling, etc since she knows what she's doing. ...
by theperfectskyistor n
Wood shrimp died less then 24hrs after purchase
I purchased 6 glow light tetra and 2 wood shrimp yesterday eve from pets at home as it was the only place that had wood shrimp in stock. They seamed very happy lastnight exploring and fanning ...
by psea65
Will Betta's eat Ghost shrimp?
I'm going to get Ghost shrimp in the near future and I plan to put them in a 10g with a Betta. Does anyone have experience with the two being kept together?
by KMAC5
Will croaking gourami eat cherry shrimp.
... g gourami into another tank possibly the best available tank has ember tetras and a ton of breeding shrimp.Has anybody kept croaking gourami and cherry shrimp in the same tank. The gourami are such ...
by Flyfisha
URGENT! my ghost shrimp is white! And is laying on back only moving legs re...
URGENT! my ghost shrimp is white! And is laying on back only moving legs really fast. I dont know if hes molting. I have a divider to split tank in half , and it has wire... like metal , and i think ...
by Guest
Ghost shrimp swimming a lot??
About two days ago my ghost shrimp started swimming around the tank a lot,all over,low to high.Should I be worried?Or are they just happy?Also should I get another bunch of plants(I forget the names ...
by Frizzyfish
How can i tell the gender of my ghost shrimp
i have 2 ghost shrimp and i want to know if they are male or female i have some pictures if you need some
by iris
Live Food - Fairy Shrimp
The red-tailed fairy shrimp (Streptocephalus sealii) is a freshwater cousin to the popular brine shrimp. Newly hatched fairy shrimp are smaller than newly hatched brine shrimp and are useful for ...
by Fry Daddy
How often do I feed my brine shrimp?
I want to get brine shrimp to feed to my fish but keep some till adult hood. I have heard you can feed them soybean powder and yeast. How often do I feed them and how much? Any other ideas to feed ...
by beginer fish raiser

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